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Help me, please, with some prepositions! Fill in the necessary preposition a ban...something a cut...wages ban...something to betray...smb ...the long run handle...smth stay...people play a trick...smb touch...a question an inquiry...smth an attempt...smb's life treat...smd badly accadent touch..a thing smb's pride...smth control...smth to treat...smb to invade...a country smb's betrayal...smb influence...smb a trial...smb
Jan 31, 2010 8:33 PM
Answers · 4
a ban...something The school imposed a ban on cigarettes a cut...wages They announced that there would be a cut in wages ban...something [same as #1] to betray...smb Don't betray me. [no preposition needed] ...the long run In the long run, we will all be dead. handle...smth I'm trying to get a handle on this puzzling situation stay...people Stay away from evil people. play a trick...smb I will play a trick on him. touch...a question In my speech, I will touch on your question. an inquiry...smth The police made an inquiry into the robbery. an attempt...smb's life The assassin made an attempt on the man's life treat...smd badly His wife treated him badly. [no preposition needed] accadent We met by accident in the train station. touch..a thing I was touched by the sad story smb's pride...smth I have a lot of pride in my luxurious beard control...smth He has very little control over his dog to treat...smb I will treat him to dinner to invade...a country The Vikings invaded England. [no preposition needed] smb's betrayal...smb He was upset by his friend's betrayal of his sister influence...smb That book had a strong influence on my life a trial...smb He was on trial for murder
January 31, 2010
Mark- I think you're right; "meeting with an accident" was probably the intent. However, being a married man, I have to be very careful with prepositions. If my wife says to meet her in the grocery store, I'll go inside. If she says to meet her at the store, I'll wait out front. Critical survival skills.
February 1, 2010
^^ Good stuff, Richard. Although you generally meet someone AT place X: "I met him at the grocery store." And: ' accadent' = meet WITH an accident.
February 1, 2010
Is this what you are asking? Something like this? "to" ban something people play a trick "on" an attempt "on" someone's life Some of them I don't understand.
January 31, 2010
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