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Differences Between Lone/Alone There're any significant difference between words: "alone" and "lone / lonely"?
Feb 1, 2010 1:44 PM
Answers · 2
Lone. Just one, on its own. Alone. All on one's own, or left alone. Lonely. He's not dead sir, he's just lonely. He's pining for the fjords! No, seriously it's like when you are all on your own and wishing you had someone with you or someone to talk to.
February 1, 2010
Lone is used as an adjective. "A lone bandit robbed the bank" This means a single bandit robbed the bank. Lonely describes a feeling one has when one is someplace with no friends or family. Alone also describes a condition, without an necessary implication as to feeling. If I am alone, I simply have nobody else in the immediate area or supporting me. That does not necessarily mean that I feel lonely. The three are certainly related, but have different implications and shades of meaning.
February 1, 2010
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