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What is a "PG basketball team" and PG stands for? (Point guard? No. Pregnancy? No. Parental Guidance? Never ~) I saw posts related to this word at some websites of high school,could it be some sort of Team Special?
Feb 1, 2010 3:58 PM
Answers · 3
point guard thats the meaning of PG in basketball team cowboy...
February 2, 2010
Another possibility would be post graduate, though I think point guard is most probable.
February 1, 2010
My guess is that it could be a basketball team that relies a lot on the point guard in the way they play, for example when the pg is their best guy and all the other positions revolve around the pg. Similarly there can be SF or PF basketball team..... PG could also be an abbreviation for anything. for example a school or a company I'm not sure
February 1, 2010
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