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how do i know the tenses of the verb being used ?? please give me hints / clues on how to make sentences using past tense. past progressive tense. present tense. present progressive. future tense. future progressive tense. and pls. give me examples. thanks.
Feb 2, 2010 6:42 PM
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"일하다=work" (infinitive) 그는 병원에서 일했다=He worked at a hospital (~했다) 그는 병원에서 일하고 있었다=He was working at a hospital (~하고 있었다) 그는 병원에서 일한다=He works at a hospital (~한다) 그는 병원에서 일하고 있다=He is working at a hospital (~하고 있다) 그는 병원에서 일할 것이다=He will work at a hospital (~할 것이다) 그는 병원에서 일하고 있을 것이다=He will be working at a hospital (~하고 있을 것이다)
February 3, 2010
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