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how can i roll my tongue??? it's really hard... i have tried for many times, but rolling my tongue still remains an impossible task to me... is it a physical problem? maybe some people can never achieve this due to their body conditions, like the shape, the length of the tongue??
Feb 3, 2010 9:54 AM
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Hi Amber! Rolling the tongue is difficult even for Spanish-speaking little children, the "R" is one of the last letters we learn to pronounce. Many people believe that the ability to roll the tongue is kind of genetic, but everyone could eventually learn it. You can see that form immigrants' children, they can speak Spanish properly even they don't have any ancestor who did it. Here you have a link that can help you: At the other hand, you don't need necessary roll the tongue. Anyone will understand you. There are more important subjects like grammar, collocations, etc..You don't have to speak like a native speakerto be understood by them.Just keep up practicing Spanish Bye!
February 3, 2010
Just practice more~rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr roir some water in your mouth and practice~
February 3, 2010
Read this many many times: Erre con erre, guitarra, erre con erre, barril. ¡Mira que rápido ruedan las ruedas redondas del ferrocarril! Por la calle de Carretas pasaba un perrito; pasó una carreta y le pisó el rabito. ¡Pobre perrito, cómo lloraba por su rabito! R con R cigarro, R con R barril, rápido corren los carros cargados de azúcar al ferrocarril. En tres tristes trastos de trigo, tres tristes tigres comían trigo; comían trigo, tres tristes tigres, en tres tristes trastos de trigo. Borracho un ratón robó un ramo de rosas rojas. El rabo se le enredó y rodó de rosa en rosa.
February 7, 2010
hey amber, i think chinese people can roll tongue some like in the pronouciation of the chinese word 人。i think this will help you. and well another interesting thing is your name is nice. it means sky in hindi.
February 4, 2010
is difficult xD as you say depends on many things :) with practice you will get it:) greetings
February 3, 2010
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