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The handy grammar ebook. In order to learn language I would like to compile my own grammar reference ebook. Can you suggest which options or the types of ebooks are handy? Thanks in advance.Yeah,@alucky, it's handy and mobile too.Sort of that I do use from time to time for a file sharing. But I looking for some useful and standalone software on my desktop computer. The epwing was taken to consideration, thanks. =)
2010年2月3日 17:01
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hello alex.... i think the best way is to download some e-books from internet.. for downloading best website is
handy .... kkkk. Do you know epwing-type dic ? I am using epwing type-grammartical book on my Iphone. I like to go out for Ramen (just like Chinese noodle ) during lunch time . I am reading it with eating it simultaneously. How about using Air-sharing(you can watch pdf , MSoffice-extention with it) of Iphone/Ipod touch application and pdf-type grammar book ? I used to read grammartical book with AirSharing. 3 or 4 months ago , The price was changed into cheaper ...... with release of 3rd generation . How about looking for older type of Ipod Touch(2g) ? No doubt it got cheaper since the release day of 3g his explanation is good .
Some sites you might want to look at: There are many others, most of them free. The only thing you usually have to put up with is advertisements. To get rid of them, you would have to pay a small membership fee. I'm not sure exactly what you want, but from the sound of it, this would be a good place to start.
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