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I live in shanghai,and now i am looking for an english teacher who must live in shanghai,too and you'd better have 2-years teaching experience of spoken english.And first all of,you must be a patienceful and friendly person,i will pay for your course.I am simply to find an Enlish teacher for my colleague's daughter in shanghai.
Feb 5, 2010 3:12 AM
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Yes Jura, you are right, but she clearly doesn't know about politeness in English. She comes from a country which has totally different cultural conventions to those in English-speaking countries. There's no need to be so harsh!
February 7, 2010
Hi Judy, this is not a polite way of asking for help, in fact it is very rude.
February 6, 2010
howdy! i hope that you can find a good teacher so he/she can teach you the very best of them. cowboy....
February 5, 2010
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