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Mrs Shipra
Is it possible to re write the below instead of my sentences?(topic cats) Today I was taking vegetables.And suddently I heard a man was talking that in india people sells cats same as hens.And eat them.I was shocked. I think that god send has his beautiful animals to earth.And human,s torchers them.I think Humans do have right to take animals.I have great wish to save this animals.I request you to consider this animals as our young brother and sister and save them.Please suggest me how do I save this animals?Please save the cats.
Feb 5, 2010 6:33 PM
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Today I was taking vegetables, when suddenly I heard a man saying that in india people sell cats in the same way as hens - and eat them. I was shocked! I think that god has sent his beautiful animals to earth, only to have humans torture them. I think Humans do not have the right to do whatever they please with animals. It is my wish to save these animals. I request that you consider animals as our young brother and sister and save them. Please give me suggestions telling me how to save these animals? Please save the cats, don't eat them. [Note: I was guessing at your meaning in a couple of cases. I hope I guessed right.]
February 5, 2010
Mrs Shipra
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