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Moral... What does it mean for you?
Feb 5, 2010 8:05 PM
Answers · 7
i think moral is of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character. cowboy...
February 8, 2010
Hi... Moral is a code to help human being to live all together in a good harmony...
February 6, 2010
anything we say or do that opposed God's word and/or the standard behavioural rules by set men are Immoral. 'Forgiving' is MORAL. 'Killing' is IMMORAL. :)
February 6, 2010
I live by the 10 Commandments, they are my moral code.
February 6, 2010
well, using my knowledge and searching from wiki i can give you a 10 page long short for me to live with moral means try to make this world happier and dont hurt anyone! and for me to live with morals is very very importance..and i am proud that i am doing so..!
February 6, 2010
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