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Is it easy for you to accept your own mistakes / failures? How do you handle this? Do you have the ability to turn your mistakes / failures into opportunity?
Feb 6, 2010 5:18 AM
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Hello Romulus We all make mistakes... it is human and we need to learn this way... I don't think it is easy when you realize your error but if you don't accept it you can't learn from it... and we have here a vicious circle...
February 6, 2010
i accept my mistake when it was my mistake.when failed i look back those mistake that i made so i can find a better solution. that cause my failure. cowboy...
February 8, 2010
Hello Romulus Well..Easy enough provided that you( I ) know how to make repair of your's(mine) damages. It'll make you(me) even tough! hehe..I'm kidding.=) Nonetheless, I was succeded several times to turn some mistakes to my own advantages and new opportunities.
February 6, 2010
i have a mistake 5 years ago,i have no bravery to face it now.
February 6, 2010
hi romulus, how are you? i am a human i am not a super hero with super power so i can not live my life according to beautiful quotes in beautiful books! see, there is a simple quote "learn from failure, you will be great"...ok fine..but is that so easy in real life? for me i am stronger enough to accept my mistakes and i try to learn from it. i have a diary in which i write my big mistakes and try to remember my faults so next time i dont do this again! and i am not so strong to accept failure. when i get a big failure, next 2 or 3 days are like hell for me, but i try to remember some persons who rose up after they had totaly failed. so i can get some recovery and can start again! and to turn it in opportunity is ideal position, rarely i can do this..i can just learn from my mistakes and failure! humans are superior to those crores of another species on earth. so never accept defeat, be fighter... well best of luck to you.
February 6, 2010
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