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Help to translate - Are newspapers interesting? - Yes, newspapers are interesting. My version: - ?Son periodicos interesante? - Si, son muche interesante. Is it correct? Thank you. But why: ¿Son interesantes los periódicos? And not: ¿Son los periódicos interesantes? Is second version correct?
Feb 6, 2010 9:29 AM
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Both "¿Son interesantes los periódicos?" and "¿Son los periódicos interesantes?" are correct. Furthermore "Los periódicos, ¿son interesantes?" is correct too. If I had to choose one of the three, I would prefer "¿Son interesantes los periódicos?"
February 6, 2010
"son muche interesante" It appears you are trying to say "they are very interesting." The correct way to say this would be "Son muy interesantes." Remember 1. Adjectives and nouns always agree in gender/number. ("interesante" vs. "interesanteS") 2. "Mucho" is always followed by a noun, and "muy" is followed by an adjective. ("Mucho" is commonly misused due to learned idioms such as "Tengo mucho calor." But, remember, this idiom literally means "I have a lot of heat." Therefore, "mucho" is still followed by a noun as it ought to be.) Hope this helps!
February 6, 2010
¿Son interesantes los periódicos? Sí, los periódicos son interesantes. Si el sujeto es plural (periódicos), el adjetivo también (interesantes)
February 6, 2010
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