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what is the difference between: in itself, of itself, by oneself, on one's own, by itself, on one's own accord
Feb 6, 2010 10:55 PM
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In itself, the evidence was not enough to prove him guilty. [Considering only the evidence, and nothing else was not enough...] Of itself [same thing - people often say "in and of itself" - again, same thing] I built the box by myself [I did it alone, and without help.] I built the box on my own [same as above]. I'm living on my own [I am supporting my self financially]. The robot is walking by itself [It is walking without help]. I have come here on my own accord [I decided to come here without anyone telling me to do so].
February 7, 2010
in itself - по сути, в действительности (something considered without other related ideas or situation) Eg.: there's a little infection in the lung which in itself isn't important. of itself - само по себе by oneself (himself/herself/themselves/ourselves etc.) - сам/сама по себе (как в песне "all by myself") alone/without help on one's own - сам, своими силами (например "He built the house on his own" он построил дом своими силами/сам) by itself = by oneself (только с неодушевленными существительными; пр. "money by itself (or alone) doesn't bring happiness" деньги сами по себе не приносят счастья) You probably mean OF one's own accord — по собственной воле, без принуждения hope this helps
February 7, 2010
holaaa amiga i've always wanted to ask the same that you are asking
February 7, 2010
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