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Yuu Ishida
When and where should I add honorifics when talking to someone?
7 февр. 2010 г., 23:27
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When: Basically anytime except for when you speak to your close friends, family, and children. Especially, when you speak to someone - who just met or don't know each other yet. - who is in "higher" position than you, such as teacher, president, boss, customer, etc. - who is older than you. Where: Actually, honorifics could be added here, there, and anywhere... Here are some basic ideas: -Use -masu/desu style speech. For most cases, this would work enough for you to be polite. -Put honorifics to nouns and actions that belong to the person to be respected. (example: anata no "o-namae") -Use humble forms for nouns and actions that belong to yourself. (example: watashi no "namae") Hope it helps.
9 февраля 2010 г.
Yuu Ishida
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