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how to do activity about sun? plssssssssssssssss.answer me....................
Feb 8, 2010 6:52 AM
Answers · 6
As supplier of almost all the energy in Earth's climate, the sun has a strong influence on climate. A comparison of sun and climate over the past 1150 years found temperatures closely match solar activity (Usoskin 2005). However, after 1975, temperatures rose while solar activity showed little to no long term trend. This led the study to conclude "during these last 30 years the solar total irradiance, solar UV irradiance and cosmic ray flux has not shown any significant secular trend, so that at least this most recent warming episode must have another source."
February 11, 2010
your question not clear.
February 9, 2010
Hello Jobel, "to do activity about sun" is a wrong sentence. It is not clear what you want to say. Try to rephrase it for your question to be understood and answered!
February 8, 2010
If you be more precise the answer will be precise too... right?
February 8, 2010
i think you need provide more details so we can give you idea. cowboy...
February 8, 2010
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