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Do Korean have the same Spring Festival with Chinese?
8 февр. 2010 г., 7:25
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I guess Rose asked we have 春節 or not. It could be yes and no. We do celebrate Lunar New Year if you wondered that. But it's sorta different from Chinese Spring Festival. Our Lunar New Years day is Seol or Seolnal, we call. In china, they do make some dumplings and do fire works to kick bad spirits out from their house as soon as the sun rises. normally spring festival is for a week or 15days. and they give some money in the red envelope for fortune. In korea, Seol is also one of biggest family holiday. We do get together and make some Ddeokgook and mandoo. and eat them in the Seol morning. but the day before, we try not to sleep. cuz we believe we will have white eye brow if we fall asleep in that day(korean people value quality time with family. so they made up this story and stay the very end of the year all together have a chat with family and relatives. sometimes older people make a joke with white flour. they put it on sleeping younger ones' eyebrows and make them scared very next morning for fun.) We do Charye(Memorial Ceremony for our ancesters with very decent food and so on) and Saebae(New Year Bow to family or relatives or older ones in the village) in the early morning of Seol. go to older people's house or room make a bow and get some great saying with wisdom from older ones and Saebaedon(Bow Money). So that Saebae custom make olders and youngers both happier. cuz older ones feel happy about they could see younger ones in the nyr. and younger ones get good saying and saebaedon, so that makes them happier and feeling richer. haha. and then we go Seongmyo(visit family graveyard for Seol Bow for deceased ones). and then come back to our granny's house and spend time with family and delicious food. :) it is sorta similar but in korea, we usually have 3days off for Seol which is shame. I guess we need longer haha. So I would say, we do celebrate Lunar New Year's day like chinese but we celebrate different way with different custom, material, food and so on.
11 февраля 2010 г.
what's chinese spring festival? korean have local spring festival, not nationally
10 февраля 2010 г.
8 февраля 2010 г.
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