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Which Kanji symbols should i use to write my name? Mihail みはいる
Feb 8, 2010 10:15 AM
Answers · 2
nin-san! I absolutely like your answer! It's so witty;) Anyway, my suggestions are 美羽射(beautiful-wing-shoot: slightly related to "Angel") 美盃瑠(beautiful-glass-sapphire: if you like to drink). Some other candidates from which you can choose. You can do Mi-Ha-Iru, Mi-Hai-Ru, or Mi-Ha-I-Ru Mi: 身(body)、美(beauty)、魅(attractive)、実(fruit) Ha: 葉(leaf)、覇(victory by power)、羽(wing)、波(wave) I: 意(mind)、威(power)、偉(great)、衣(cloth) Iru: 入(enter)、射(shoot)、要(need) Hai: 俳(wit, art)、盃(sake glass) Ru: 瑠(sapphire)
February 9, 2010
how about 身入? 身(み:body)入る(はいる:enter) ahahahaha! sorry, i'm just kidding.
February 8, 2010
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