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which part of western culture attract to you most?and aslo which part of eastern culture attract to you most?
2010년 2월 9일 오전 2:13
Answers · 4
well, your question is really interesting and there can be 100 pages long answer for your question, but you have used the word "MOST".... western culture- the people can think without much influence of religion. i mean the way of thinking and decision are logical. they use science and techno in everyday life! they can think out of the influence of superstitions. eastern cultural -> people have great lagacy of arts literature, ancient science, phylosophical literature and ancient sculpture. but most of them are not aware of their great lagacy because of law education level. what most of them inherited is i think superstitions. well, i belong to great indian culture and i am proud of it but i have also right to point out minus points of this culture.
2010년 2월 9일
For me the most attractive part of western culture is democracy whereas I admire the culture of tenacity and perserverance of the east.
2010년 2월 11일
first.architecture and both east and west. western mind are cool to me.. and eastern like a mystery to me.also attracted. hard to choose..hehe
2010년 2월 9일
i like peru in west and china in east. cowboy...
2010년 2월 9일
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