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Japanese dictionaries? I want to ask about japanese-english or ( japanese-whatever language) dictionaries. I've never seen one. How are they written? Are they only written in hiragana or in (hiragana, katakana and kanji)? Is it hard or easy to understand what's in them?
Feb 9, 2010 8:46 PM
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I'd say, give a try. You can search both in Japanese and Romaji; and it will give the answers both in Japanese and Romaji; it doesn't get more convenient than that ne. :)
February 11, 2010
Yes, there are japanese - english dictionaries that use romaji ( instead of traditional Japanese characters called kanji or kana. Basically, if you know how to read in English, you will be able to use those. But for kanji you will need a special one (however, i wouldn't recommend on using one when you've just started learning the language because it will make you scared shitless :))) But if you are just curious, I am using this one now... Hope it helps
February 10, 2010
That depends. For Japanese, we use Japanese-English, English-Japanese ones, for example, they are written in usual Japanese, including many Kanji and in difficult expression. This maybe same when I see Arabic one :D (I'll show you some samples later) However, there are probably a Japanese dictionary for Japanse-learner, sorry I've never seen them. And learner should use them at first. I want to see Arabic one, too. :D
February 10, 2010
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