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What is the different between ”日本語が分かります”and ”にほんごができます”?
12 Th02 2010 12:35
Answers · 2
日本語が分かります means I understand Japanese, not necessarily to speak Japanese. にほんごができますrefers the ability, generally you can speak. Hope this helps you.
12 tháng 2 năm 2010
わかります=know できます= can ( 1. be able to do that generally in informal occasion / 2. be able to do very well in business occasion ) わかります is used with (少し、よく...etc) respectively (a bit , well..etc )  , so if you use わかります , the meaning of it is wide range from a bit to well . The meaning of できます depends on situation. If you say ”できます" in business occasion , auditors regard you as you can do it well . so If you can't do that after the declaration in business scene , you will lose belief from your coworkers. but , Of course , you can use it in informal occasion but if you use it many times , you might be thought as narcissist. so you should use this phrase in appropriate situation.
13 tháng 2 năm 2010
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