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Is it true that we use "anytime" after one thanks us? Is it its usage?
Feb 13, 2010 11:57 AM
Answers · 4
Hello Nika, Yes , in that case it is used as an interjection and means: "you are welcome"
February 14, 2010
It's up to you what you say, you can reply in many ways.
February 14, 2010
Yes, you can say "Anytime!" instead of "You're welcome!" or "No problem!"
February 13, 2010
When compressed into a single word, 'anytime' is usually an adverb. Like: "He's about to arrive anytime." In the sense of "You're welcome!" I would use "any time": "Hey, thanks mate!" "Sure, any time!" There aren't very strict rules for it, to be honest. Except when you say: "I won't have any time until Friday." Then it definitely needs to be two separate words!
February 13, 2010
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