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Who you are? Tell me :)
2010年2月13日 13:50
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i am the cowboy on this site well it's not my real name but i am here to give help the best that i can but sometimes,when some one answering in the wrong way or give disrespest to other member i am getting hot.and i start some fire that i know how to stop it.well we cannot judge other the way they answer the only thing that i can do is fight "words against words" i can be enemy or friend the choice is up to them. cowboy...
Strasvutie. I am an English teacher in a high school.
I am Miss Smith :-) Именно такой ответ Вы получите от носителя языка, если зададите ему вопрос “Who are you?” (Кто Вы?) – человек просто скажет Вам свое имя. А если хотите попросить кого-то представиться и рассказать о себе, тогда скажете “Tell me a bit about yourself”. Я так понимаю, Вы именно это хотели спросить?
Hello Nikita I would like to say thank you for all the questions you ask... I think that way you are helping a lot of students and it is really nice of you... keep going it is important and necessary to learn languages.
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