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Laura Middleton
Welche Farbe haben Ihre Augen?’ Cherry, many thanks for your answer. Unfortunately my German is not good enough to understand this reply. It would be absolutely wonderful if you could translate it into Englsh? Thanks again Laura
Feb 14, 2010 8:38 PM
Answers · 2
Ok ;) The verb "haben" is conjugated as follows in its present simple tense form: Ich habe ( i have) du hast ( you have) er/sie hat ( he /she has) Wir haben ( we have) Ihr habt ( you have) Sie haben ( They have) Verb 'haben' after "Ihre Augen" will be exactly conjugated like with the pronoun 'sie' in plural. Sie haben (they have) Ihre Augen haben ( your eyes have) So it is: Welche Farbe haben Ihre Augen? If it was "Ihre Tasche" as a singular noun , the sentence would have been formed as follows: "Welche Farbe hat Ihre Tasche ?" Here, "ihre Tasche" is treated like the third singular pronoun (it/she/he) It is like in English you can say: "Your eyes are " but you can't say : "Your eyes is " Your example is of course an interrogative sentence and the same applies with a different sentence order : (haben Ihre Augen) instead of (Ihre Augen haben) I hope it is clear now :)
February 14, 2010
In English it would be the following: what colour of eyes do you have?
February 14, 2010
Laura Middleton
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