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confused about 心理! 心理是什么意思?Please explain this line 心理都是你。 I was listening to 王力宏 and there is this line in one of his songs 腦袋都是妳 心裡都是妳 I thought he said 心里都是你 which I would understand, but when i looked up the lyrics they all say 心理都是你。My dictionary says 心理 means psychology and i cant see how that works here lol! Please end my confusion!! what excatly does 心理 mean.
17 lut 2010 00:38
Answers · 11
心里都是你is right,I don't know whether you know the distinction between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese characters.Simplified Chinese is widely used in mainland China. Traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan,Hongkong and Macao.I find that"腦裡妳"in your question are all traditional Chinese characters.It is sth like the differences between Britain and American English.
17 lutego 2010
the lyrics which you saw might be wrong~and the correct one is "心里都是你"。just like the opinions above
23 lutego 2010
心里 means,, from inside, 心里都是你 means all i think of, care about, love is you
23 lutego 2010
心理都是你 肯定是错的,应该是 心里都是你
23 lutego 2010
should be“心里”心里都是你,when a people fall in love,she or he always think about the lover.
22 lutego 2010
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