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[Not Language] キヤノンの「EOS Kiss X4」: Best prices in Japan ? Hello, I'm planning to come to Tokyo by Hanami, and as I'm a photography lover, I'm willing to buy a new Camera. Because I'm short of budget, I was goin' for the 「EOS Kiss X3」 (known by "Canon EOS 450D") for about 600€ without even the basic 18-55mm. But I've seen than, in Japan, I can have it with a bonus pack and two lenses (S18-55mm and an S55-250mm) for the same price. So now, I’m going for the 「EOS Kiss X4」 (mainly because of the HD videos @24p) My first question, where is it best to buy? Shops in Akihabara and Shinjuku? Like Yodobashi? Bic Camera in Shibuya? Where to find the best prices? My second question, related, is when to buy? I know that best bargains are done by Christmas Eve ... But are there any others? ... Or maybe "strategies" like using Tickets they give you? Last one: Are there any credit facilities for Gaijin Students with 1 year+ Visa? Thank you for your help.Thank you alucky-san; So, I'll wait until I arrive to buy :-) I prefer "physical" stores, you know, for "human" contact ... It's priceless to speak with people interested in same things and share thoughts, learning and just conversation. As I thought, there isn't much difference between those websites (by the way, Rakuten is a P2P website?). Final question: No credit facilities? If there is, I may probably go for the higher end one (maybe even fall for the 5D MarkII ( ̄〜 ̄;)??). Thank you very much for answers.
18 февр. 2010 г., 15:43
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You should use Yahoo-auction if you want it less than 79000 yen. You can get it 79000yen on but many Akihabara store is selling cheap price like that . but you don't need to walk around to buy it if you buy it on Internet. and You can get many points if you use It's de-facto discount. and It's wise to buy it in new year season. but most retail store sell them limited amount of it to attract many clients . or .... at a time when next related series are released , the product will be marked down . Patience is needed in this case. Good luck.
19 февраля 2010 г.
Most of the electronic retail stores are allowing loan in credit-card. This is called as revolving repayment in Japan. Probably you can do it there but I don't know about the coverage of foreigners usage. Probably Sofmap in Akihabara will allow you to do it as well though it is used shop . I think Sofmap is big company , so, I think you can ask them in advance in English. I am using Visa credit card but I have never used revolving repayment because it includes interest and not economic. Good luck : )
25 февраля 2010 г.
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