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what is your opinion?? do you think that getting married with a personne that you didn't know befor or talk to him/her befor is something good? if no so why we find that the pourcent of devorse in arabe countries is not so big like in the other countries even that they have this kind of marriages You can use english french or arabic thanks
Feb 19, 2010 7:56 PM
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hi , i'm an egyptian muslim girl. i always use my veto power , daddy never inforces me to get married his only words 4 me { ok dear this man isn't just a dress u put on 4 one day ,he will be agreat responsibiliy 4 ur all life time the most important thing in ur life is to have a job } and i have one. the problem here is not dad but people around me { relatives, neighbours,even friends} give me a hard time these days to get married .they always say { why don"t get married uptill now ? girls in ur age have children ,stop refusing men } oh!!! they have a great effect on my Self-esteem . but i can't accept a man just to make people let me go. i know someone did that and she ends up devorced. could u tell me am i wrong ?
February 21, 2010
i think.... it is so hard for women in arab to live alone without husband or family, coz their culture...... so many of mowen there afraid to divorce and choose to defend her marriage, even if they are not happy..... but it is ok! there, if woman and man marry with person although they didnt know before, ussually their family give them recomendation for the person, and many of them happy in this way.
February 23, 2010
Hello Dreamer, "Do you think that getting married with a person that you didn't know before or talk to him/her before is something good?" I don't know about those arranged marriages where they don't see each other or talk to each other before ??? If those marriages still exist it is in form of parents or relatives arranging for 2 people to meet to get to know each other and see from there ,if things could work between them. It is just like friends trying to hook one up with someone else, however the parents or relatives do that. So if such acquaintances work and reach the stage of marriage, it is certainly preceded by people getting to talk, know each other and develop a certain liking, otherwise it doesn't turn into marriage. It is for both the male and female to decide together if there is enough chemistry and understanding to develop such an initial getting to know each other into a long term relationship. If you define an arranged marriage as people getting married without even having seen each other before , I would like to know how much of this phenomena still exists in the Arab world ? 2 percent or 1 percent , if it all ??!
February 20, 2010
Sonia is right in the sense that in many countries where marriages are arranged women do not have the same rights as men, so divorce is difficult. The fact that there is a low percentage of divorces in these countries does not mean that people in these arranged marriages are happy either. I could never marry someone I had never met as I'd be afraid that I was marrying a pervert or worse.
February 19, 2010
Because women don't have the same rights as in other countries. Sonia. =)
February 19, 2010
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