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How to translate into Russian How to translate into Russian: "When you're claim to fame is "world oldest Christian monastery" you know you're going to get a large fan base"
Feb 19, 2010 11:10 PM
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Alex, "Claim to fame" is an idiom. It is the reason, already established as fact, that something is "famous". "Claim to fame" here means having right to the title "the world's oldest Christian monastery" Когда вы претендуете на славу..... When you claim to be famous for being "the world's oldest Christian monastery"....this is not yet established fact only a pretension. Yes, translation back and forth is difficult. It requires an incredible knowledge of both languages in order to do it correctly. That is why you see so many bad translations. I confess that I have been responsible for a few of them. :) Sometimes, there is no translation, then you have to be author as well as translator.
February 21, 2010
В общем-то можно, но обычно так не говорят -"база поклонников". Правильней сказать всё же будет " много приверженцев,поклонников(фанов)". And I'm not sure about a first clause " When you're claim to fame.."- " Когда вы претендуете на славу.." Right? Translation from English to Russian and vice versa is difficult. Isn't it? You cannot just translate word by word like in German and did get a right sentence.=) That's why in Holywood movies you can still hear "Hold the fire!" and the 'professed' translator told you: "Держите Ваш огонь!" , instead of "Прекратить огонь!".haha..Complete nonsense.=)
February 20, 2010
Когда ваш монастырь известен как «старейший в мире христианский монастырь», вы знаете, что у вас будет много приверженцев. можно сказать по русски " большая база поклонников"?
February 20, 2010
Когда вы домогаетесь славы, знайте,что "древнейший в мире христианский монастырь", это путь к получению громадного колличества поклонников.
February 20, 2010
Hi try and copy/paste this text into using the English to Russian translation format.
February 19, 2010
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