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how could I practice my listening skill? When somebody talk with me in English, I alway can't get what they mean and of course I could not answer. Will someone tell me some methods to improve my listening skills? Thanks a lot.
Feb 22, 2010 9:08 AM
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if your having hard time to catch what somebody saying to you,kindly ask them to repeat you can undersatnd clearly. @rokr i think it's not right to post what you said against to us. Cause Filipino don’t say wrong things with you, homie you ain’t been to, what I been to cowboy...
February 23, 2010
hello, there would be no other good suggestion but to pay close attention to every word they are saying. if you think they speak pretty fast, you can ask them to slow down or better yet, ask them in a nice way to repeat what they've just said. further, attentive listening doesn't just involve your ears. you should also watch their lips as you would also be able to read what they are uttering. :)
February 22, 2010
Hi Ada, You can contact me through italki, I have English speaking sessions on Skype and also have a live virtual classroom on WIZQ. The sessions are free. Respectfully, Norman
February 22, 2010
you can also watch films, tv programmes, songs in the language you want to learn
February 22, 2010
make sure the person you talked with that speaks well,maybe s(he) speaks more poor than you,so you coundn't catch him or her. I have ever got stuck at communicate with Filipino,but now I realized that just their accent caused.
February 22, 2010
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