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What is " We are a miserable lot then"
Feb 23, 2010 5:47 AM
Answers · 3
'Then' in this context means 'as a result'. If you shuffled that word around, you could equally say "...then we are a miserable lot".
February 23, 2010
Hello Bulent, 'lot' here means a collection of people. It is like saying: "We are a bunch of miserable guys then."
February 23, 2010
Cherry is right. Also, 'then' does not mean "as a result," but is simply the latter half of an 'if...then' conditional: like: "{If that is true,} we are a miserable lot then." So, 'then' rather means "in that case" here (which is to say: when an aforementioned condition is met).
February 23, 2010
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