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David Wei
Please help me fill the puzzling blanks!!! The food was_______good, but not as delicious as in other restaurants. It's_______hot here. Would you please open the window? Choose from one of the two words "fairly" and 'rather' . I did both of these blanks wrong, can you tell me the answer and why?
2010年2月25日 15:00
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The food was fairly good.... It's rather hot in here.... Fairly indicates something less than completely positive - better than "so-so", but less than "very" or "quite" (I'm talking U.S. English here). Rather indicates something more than "fairly". "He is a rather good singer" (Positive - quite good) "He is a fairly good singer" (Less than completely positive - above average, but could be better) While the meanings overlap to a degree, there is a difference. Some native English speakers don't know them.
David Wei
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