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the combination "ac ax ac" 's correct pronouncing way? Does the "ac" in the words such as "act fact ax actual " pronouncing the same sound as " ark "in the word " park" ? If it's true, do the word "fact" and "fuck" are pronouncing similarly in the forepart? Peachey & romulus : Have you heard the song " nine million bicycles " by Katie Melua.There is one sentence as " that 's a fact ,It's a things we can't deny" in that song. The singer sings just like the word " F*uk". My mishearding?
Feb 27, 2010 6:40 AM
Answers · 2
"Act / fact / ax / factual" all have short and sharp 'a' sounds. "Park" is a longer 'ahh' sound, and in Australia we totally drop the 'r' consonant and make the vowel longer. It's common when learning English to accidentally say the occasional swear-word. I'm currently getting one friend to pronounce "can't" as "cah-ahnt" since her short Korean vowels could be misunderstood. :P One thing to remember about swearing in English is that it's punchy and short, to add to its aggression. The short 'a' in 'fact' is too squeaky and high to sound like 'f*ck'. If I heard "fack" then I'd start laughing a lot! The vowel in 'f*ck' is deeper down, in the throat or even the chest. By the way Romulus, "ax" is an acceptable American spelling for "axe". :)
March 1, 2010
I wonder what 'ax' means in the first place... anyway, "ac" as in the words "act", "fact" and "factual" are expressed all the same. however, the word "fact" and "f..k" may have a subtle difference. the former may be pronounced with a short "ah" sound while the latter with "uh" (ooh). try these words: box ..... bucks stack....stuck :)
February 28, 2010
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