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Where would you draw line between being determined as selfish(negative) and confident (positive)?
Feb 27, 2010 2:35 PM
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It obviously depends on what a person is determined to do. If they are determined help people, I wouldn't say this was bad. It is positive. Even if some man is determined to get a particular woman, this wouldn't necessarily be bad. If he keeps being determined after being refused, calling her or trying to see her after she has told him no, then there is something very wrong. The "determination" becomes obsession and it is very negative. Likewise, an determination to do something must have some grounding in reality. To keep doing something when it is obvious it will do no good starts to become self-destructive after a while.
February 27, 2010
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February 28, 2010
February 28, 2010
I personally would not take "selfish" and "confident" as a relevant opposite pair, although it may be interpreted in this sense by other foreign languages. In my personal point of view, "selfish" would possibly team up with "unselfish" or "fraternity" (taken from the motto of France: liberty, equality, and fraternity) as the opposition pair; while "confident" would possibly match with "over-confident" or "cocksure" / "arrogant" in terms of the sense of opposition. But then, of course, how to draw the line surely depends on the character and personality of the person involved.
February 27, 2010
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