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Give IT to me or give THEM to me? -------------------------------------------- Does it sound natural to use "them" ? Is grammatically correct to use "it" ? Many thanks :) This is a question about pronouns. A: Do you sell mountain bikes? B: Yes we do. A: Great show them to me. A: Do you have 50 dollars? B: Yes I do. A: Great give ____ to me.
Feb 27, 2010 7:12 PM
Answers · 4
To me it depends on the context. If someone has multiple items, you would say "Give them to me." If someone has a singular item or something that is bundled (money, a bag of groceries, etc.), you would say "Give it to me."
February 27, 2010
although it sounds logical that you would say "give them to me" when talking about money it is natural to say "give it to me" "it" in this case refers to "the money" as a whole rather than "the dollar bills"
February 27, 2010
For money, say "give IT (the money) to me". If you replied "give THEM to me", that would probably mean there are fifty separate one-dollar notes (or in Australia, dollar coins).
March 1, 2010
"give IT to me" and "give THEM to me" are perfectly okay. just be careful of the quantifying value of that 'something' you're asking. I think the most "softer" version you can say this is: "Let me have IT / THEM" :)
February 28, 2010
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