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what is { have a cow } ? I thought mama would have a cow when she saw the damage to the car.
Feb 28, 2010 8:37 PM
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Hi... Before we're buffaloed by this bovine bon mot, let's see if we can beef up our understanding of what "don't have a cow" actually conveys. What is the meaning of the popular phrase, "Don't have a cow"? This often-used exclamation is a sarcastic saying that basically argues against overreacting or excessive emotional response to any given situation. A person might say, "don't have a cow" to caution another individual to calm down, ease up or stop and think about the circumstances that seem to be upsetting him or her so much. "Don't have a cow" might be interpreted as a less-than-cordial admonition to revisit reality, round up the facts and reconsider what level of response a current situation may actually warrant. Similar expressions to "don't have a cow" might include "don't blow a gasket," "hold the phone," "take a breath" or "take a chill pill."
February 28, 2010
This means "blow up" or to lose control and get angry. The full phrase was "don't give birth to a cow!" - something that would obviously upset a person. "You came in late!" "Hey, don't have a cow, OK? It was only 5 minutes!"
February 28, 2010
We also say "have kittens". I guess "have a cow" is maybe an exaggeration of that. The idea here is that "have" = "give birth to". Normally we'd say "have a baby". So when saying that someone loses their temper, we compare the drama to the person giving birth to an entire cow. Moo!! As for the kittens... well that's just weird. ;)
March 1, 2010
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