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can we talk about china ?
Mar 1, 2010 12:35 PM
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Of course! China is a country that contain all kinds of people,but you can find if you treat them sincerely they will be your good friends~ And what i want to tell you most is about Chinese food! There are so many delicious food in China, each place has it's own character food and while enjoying this food you can feel the custom of this place! Have a good time in China!
March 1, 2010
yes of course 当然了
March 1, 2010
Social stability is overwhelmingly and particularly important,China is undertaking economic reform,rather than political.The question became one of which one comes first to the poor:give them food and clothes,or give them voting rights,when hungry and cold?It is not a question of whether give them liberty or give them death.China is following Singapore in some way,in my opinion. China comes out of isolation,and more insulated economic system.Tought it is in favourable conditons after financial crisis 2009,it continue to maintain a more conservative and secure position in world economy. Although China is catching up with the West,it is far from being a country as a nation of innovation.Moving from a labor-intensive to a knowledge-based economy,China is an imitator.I think,as a powerhouse of revolutionary science and technology,China will withstand financial crisis to some degree in the future,if there is one.The west,particularly the U.S.,is still the technological compass for China.Examining the historical,cultural,political context,I find China is unlikely to become a major innovator in the near future.The exaggeration of China threat is neither funny nor clever,but sensational.
March 5, 2010
Which aspect are you concerned about? China is the third largest country in the world,has a histoyr of 5000 years of continuous civilizations,embraces 56 ethnicities in China,with distinctive local and ethnic cultures.Though diverse,China has leveraged its central government's cohesion,the Chinese government is doing a good job of keeping the fringes under control(the One And Onlyoption,no other choice,a tradition handed down from Qin Shi Huangdi). Gone are the days when a balkanized country was torn apart by feuding warlords or dominated by multiple foreigners. China,is a phoenix rizen from the ashes of the Cultural Revolution.Since 1978,China had witnessed Deng Xiaoping’s ascendancy,as the general architect of reforms and opening up,he focused on economic modernization by dismantling Maoist economic structures .China's economy began to take off.This process is still going-on,combining socialist and capitalist advantages,China has an economic miracle.
March 5, 2010
Free world, you can talk about whatever you wanna talk, hehe...
March 4, 2010
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