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Professional certification !? What kind of professional certification do you have !? I've ever talked with Korean and Taiwanese and It seems to be popular to take English certification and elementary IT certification just like business applications such as MS office (clerical work)and Adobe and Macromedia related certification (advertisement work) . and I have one US friend working as a networking engineer and he has many certificates about Cisco/Oracle etc . What do you have !? For , I have IT electronic certification (covered with legal exclusive right) , mathematics , English , Japanese Kanji certificate of Judo I don't like IT-certificate though I have some of them.... because It is too expensive to take but it doesn't have exclusive right to work from government. I have a friend from shanghai who was my classmate and is working here but ...he was preached by his wife after failing a subject of CCNP(networking certification by Cisco systems). Her wife told him that if he didn't fail , we could eat luxrious restaurant many times. but I can agree ... It is also getting more popular to take certification exam here because of ongoing worldwide recession. How about you ? What do you think of Professional certification?>>Marie-Hélène I agree with you. but there are some certificates if you don't have it , you can't work here legally. I am talking about professional certificate examination comprehensively. >>fdmaxey Thanks for your answer. I like your way of thinking :)) I don't like the extraordinary examination fee .... I don't like the computer-based certificate examination provided by IT-company and ETS(educational testing service) in this meaning .
Mar 2, 2010 2:53 AM
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The importance of certificates vary from country to country. Any business card I got from Germany or Japan would be loaded with any certificates or titles the person had. Many jobs would be available only if you were able to show the necessary certification. In the U.S., it's somewhat looser. A college degree doesn't necessarily mean that you can do the job well, but at the very least it shows you had the discipline and intelligence to obtain it. The are many exceptions - Bill Gates never finished college, if my memory serves me right. But, all other things being equal, if I am interviewing somebody for a computer job, a degree in computer science would impress me far more than just a high-school diploma. Also, if someone didn't have any experience with, say Oracle database, I would expect him to show me at least some certification that he had at least learned the basics.
March 2, 2010
Hi... It is not because you have a diploma that you are able to do the job...
March 2, 2010
March 2, 2010
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