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n russian,how pronounced are the soft sounds like "b" and "tb" ??.. .i make sure i don't use any of my teeth while saying them . like "Мышь" or "обезьяна"
Mar 3, 2010 12:51 PM
Answers · 2
Твёрдый знак (ъ) и мягкий знак (ь), наверное, самые странные буквы в алфавите. Они сами не несут звука, однако определяют произношение буквы в слове. Hard sign (ъ) and the soft sign (ь), probably the most strange letters in the Russian alphabet. They do not have sound, however, determine the pronunciation of the letters in the word. :)) Listen to the pronunciation of the word. душ ---- мышь азбука --- обезьяна -- I recorded this file for you. :)) Do you hear the difference?
March 3, 2010
But душ and мышь have identical sounds (ш = шь). It's just a grammatic rule that we put Ь after Ш in the end of a word if the word's gender is feminine. Ъ substitutes sound Й: под-ъе-зд = pod-ye-zd; под-е-зд = pod-e-zd Ь can either 1 change nothing in the pronunciation at all, as in мыш - мышь 2 modulate sound of the preceding consonant letter, as in быт - быть; пар - парь 3 add Й just like Ъ, as in пЬяный = пЙяный I'm not sure if there are any rules on this. Hopefully someone can provide you with a link to a lengthy explanation.
March 4, 2010
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