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三个句子,帮我修改英文句子对不对,谢谢。 I used ScribeFire, found WordPrell API and know it, at one used BlogSyne, add WordPress to ScribeFire, result it is succeed. 我玩了ScribeFire,发现WordPress的API就明白了,就马上试了BlogSyne,增加WordPress就成功了 So over a period of time to see if there Ningbo native language training, hoping the price will not expensive that it is OK. 等过一段时间看看有没有宁波话的培训,希望价格不要贵就可以了。 I do not require high, hoping that I would say Ningbo, let people understand, I can understand someone speaking Ningbo native language, I hope that in Ningbo's social communication more convenient. 我不要求高,希望我会说宁波话,让别人听得懂,我也能听懂别人讲宁波话,希望在宁波的社会交流方便多了。 我写英文写得对吗?请你麻烦帮忙一下,谢谢。
Mar 4, 2010 2:36 AM
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I used ScribeFire at first, discovered WordPress and understood it, then immediately started using BlogSyne. I finally succeeded by adding WordPress to ScribeFire. I'm going to wait for a while to see if I can find training in Ninbo native language. I just hope its not expensive. I don't need much; just to be able to speak Ninbo and be understood in turn by Ninbo native speakers. I hope that in Ninbo, communicating socially will be more convenient. [My Chinese friends can correct me. I did the best I could]
March 4, 2010
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