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Elvis Qin
There must be someone who you admire.who's that ?why you admire him|her?
5 mar 2010 03:57
Answers · 6
三人行,必有我师 there are something in the ordinary people around us deserve our great admiration
5 marca 2010
I admire Al steven(the guy who wrote the programming book i read) and I also admire Bear Grylls for all that super cool survival stuff. I also admire anyone who is extremely generous or virtuous.
7 marca 2010
Penelope Pitstop (Penelope Glamour in Spain) from "The Wacky Races" XD
5 marca 2010
5 marca 2010
I admired my maternal grandmother who always helped anyone she could.
5 marca 2010
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Elvis Qin
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