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do you believe in god?
Mar 6, 2010 9:43 AM
Answers · 13
O^^yes sure,i''m musilm So I believe in Allah(no god except Allah;)
March 6, 2010
Yes I do and I live by the 10 Commandments.
March 6, 2010
What a coincidence that all the non-believers have negatives points... Well... this is another evidence of the INTOLERANTS who are believers with non-believers... Who is better, then??? @ Constancia: Who says to you that God is "Him"??? why not "Her" or "It" ??? @ babil: What the hell is all this about the bucket???
March 7, 2010
Hi... For some people to believe in god it's convenient... For others believing in god is also convenient... So ... my advice here is to believe in you first...
March 6, 2010
...I was begining to forget this kind of questions... 'll tell you singing with the music of Amy Winhouse's "Rehab": "(I said) No, No, No...."
March 6, 2010
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