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"innit", Is this lazy English or yobs' English? I've taken it as 'isn't it?' when I first heard of it. Now I'm not sure - I just noticed some people say it as "can't we?" or "don't you?" etc. I just wonder what it would sound like when spoken by a non-native English speaker. I don't want to sound 'mindless' while speaking English.@Mark : According to your answer - 'innit' sounds like something I wouldn't ever like to say, but honestly I felt very femiliar with 'innit'. I don't know why.. maybe because I like speaking dialect? I feel bored when I speak the standard language, as I'm a lot more fun when I speak dialect. Thank you! :) By the way, "yobo" sounds like the Korean word, you might know it? :P @Peachey : I feel very comfortable and familiar with English...when I drink a bottle of Soju! It sounds sharp even to my ears, but I still like it. Thank you! :) @Jura : Thank you as always! :)
6 mar 2010 16:03
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Hi we heard this a lot when we were in London but it was usually said by lower class people.
6 marzo 2010
Sounds very cockney London. :) Yes, it does sound as though the speaker doesn't care much about pronunciation, and from a non-native speaker it would sound very odd. You need to be very comfortable and familiar with a language to use slang effectively. Mark's totally right, even though "innit" is known to us Aussies we wouldn't use it. Maybe it is too short and sharp to fit the wide Australian drawl? We'd sound strange as well! But it is used frequently in the UK, even in place of "can't we/don't you" (as you described). The only situation where you would use this is if you had close UK friends who used this phrase frequently. Then you'd pick up how it fits comfortably in Brit-speak.
6 marzo 2010
lol, How do you come up with these questions? They're good!^^ You were right the first time, i.e. "isn't it". I would consider it more "yobo" english more than anything. Although I can use lazy english or even alot of slang with friends, I don't even use "innit". I can see how it be used as "don't you?", but not as much with "can't we?". Either way, it's still yobo and would really sound funny if spoken by a non-native speaker.^^
6 marzo 2010
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