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What do these QQ questions say? (==>)
6 mar 2010 22:05
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so you are applying an QQ,right? The questions are asked to help you get back your QQ account maybe in some special case. 你母亲的姓名是什么? What's your mother's name? 你父亲的姓名是什么? What's your father's name? 你配偶的姓名是什么? What's your couple's name? 你高中班主任的姓名是什么? What's the name of your class teacher in your high school? 你初中班主任的姓名是什么? What's the name of your class teacher in your middle school? 你小学班主任的姓名是什么? What's the name of your class teacher in your primary school? 你的学号是? What's your student number? 你的父亲的生日是? What's your father's birthday? 你母亲的生日是? What's your mother's birthday? 你配偶的生日是? What's your couple's birthday? 你最熟悉的童年好友的名字是? What's the name of your childhood buddy? 对你影响最大的人的名字是? What's the name of the one who influenced you most?
7 marzo 2010
..i can`t see it...
7 marzo 2010
Hi there. According to the online urban dictionary; QQ is an acronym often used in online communication to signify two crying eyes. It is usually used in the pejorative such as "QQ more nub" meaning "Cry more, newbie." "QQ" has become a popular term, and can also be used to reply to a poster that the person thinks is whining. It is generally seen as trolling if the post only consists of QQ, for example: Hunter: Why do hunters always get nerfed? Reply: QQ Within the context of World of Warcraft one will often see "less QQ more pewpew", meaning basically "try crying less and fighting back more", for example: Player A: Why do level 70s always gank? What's the point? Reply: Less QQ more pewpew. This term came from the Warcraft series. The quick way to exit out of the game and enter back into the chat lobby was to press alt then Q twice, hence QQ. It also vaguely resembles an emote of crying eyes. It became a way of insulting noobs and telling them to get out or leave the game.
7 marzo 2010
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