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Can you, British speaker, please translate these sentences from Spanish into English? I work in a bilingual school. I think my level of English is ok, but I´ve realized that there´re dozens of daily routines, expressions, etc. that we do and/or I must say in the class that I don´t know. Well, or I know them but I´m not sure if I tell them in the most common way. Could you translate this for me? Thanks!: (I prefer British English, not the American, as it´s British English what my pupils are supposed to learn, thanks). - Levantaos y haced un círculo (o un corro). - ¡Muy bien hecho! ¡Está bien! (I usually say fantastic, perfect, correct, great... any others oral expressions you may remember from your Primary teacher? - Cuando salgas al pasillo, ve despacio / no corras. - Llévate un poco de papel higiénico. - Coge la tiza. - Borra la pizzara. - No hagas la letra tan grande (in the notebook or on the blackboard). - ¿Puedes prestar atención, por favor? (Can you pay attention, please? (Any other way to say it? ) - If I ask about what they´ve had for lunch, and they´ve had lunch a couple of hours ago, am I right asking it that way or would it be better using the past tense -what did you have for lunch?-? - Ten cuidado, no derrames el agua sobre la mesa. - Voy a bajar las persianas. - Se ha acabado la tiza. - Pinta sin salirte. - Voy a ponerlo en la pared (put, stick?). - Cuelga el abrigo en la percha, por favor. - Ayer conocí a tus padres y ahora entiendo por qué eres así. (Of course, this last sentence was just a joke... although I think that several times a year...). Thanks again!
7 mars 2010 12:08
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I'm American (sorry), but I thought I'd help anyway. Let's make a circle. / Come on, gather round in a circle. Terrific! Fantastic! Well done! Good job! (last one is very American, I've been told) Please do not run in the hallway. Please walk. / In the hallway you must(should) walk. Only take as much as you need of the toilet paper. / Don't waste the toilet paper. ?? Erase the board. Don't write so big. / Please write smaller Can I have your attention, please? / Please pay attention. / Are you listening? Yes = What did you have for lunch? / What did you eat for lunch? Be careful--don't spill the water on the table. / Be more careful so you don't spill the water on the table. I'm going to lower the blinds. / I'm putting the blinds down. ?? ?? I'll stick it on the wall. / I'll put in on the wall. / I'll hang it on the wall. Hang your coat on the hook, please. / Hang up your coat on the hook, please. Yesterday I met your parents, and now I understand why you are the way you are.
8 mars 2010
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