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Do you know good Primary books in British English? Haha, I guess the question in the title is a bit bizarre. I´ll explain myself. I´m teaching English in a bilingual school in Zaragoza (Spain). As the school is new, we don´t have much material to work upon -although, of course, we have some help and a good number of internet links-. But I´d like to know what books (titles, publishers, etc.) pupils use in your country, above all when they are between 5 and 8 years old. Having some information about them, I could try to find some information about them and see if it could be interesting for us to buy them. Unfortunately, by now all that Spanish publishers do is to translate Spanish Primary books into English, and as a result, the level (specially in order to read the words in the activities) is beyond what our pupils can understand. Thanks for your help and, of course, don´t hesitate to correct any word/expression I´ve used writing this message. Jorge.
Mar 7, 2010 8:21 PM
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Hi there, have a look at this Italki site and others by the same author. Good luck with your teaching
March 8, 2010
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