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Julius -
I believe Jura is gonna hit with this =) I'd like to make myself believe That planet earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep Because my dreams are bursting at the seams
7 de Mar de 2010 às 21:07
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personal thing personal deal,please.
8 de Março de 2010
Goodness me! Jajajajajaja... You are crazy. xD I didn't know the meaning of these words, burst and seam... Does this post have more than one meaning? xD
9 de Março de 2010
@Rokr, I agree with you.
8 de Março de 2010
You flatter yourself Blitzy
8 de Março de 2010
Is this question for Jura only?
8 de Março de 2010
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Julius -
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