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what's the difference between "so that"and"such that"?How to use them?
Mar 8, 2010 5:40 AM
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The movie was so long [adjective] that I fell asleep. The dog was so loud [adjective] that he woke me up. It was such a good speech [adjective + noun] that the audience got up and cheered. It's such a small car [adjective + noun] that we all can't get in.
March 8, 2010
Hi... We use “so” when we are describing an adjective (good, bad, hard, easy, mean, nice). For example, we say “The acting in the movie is so good.” We can also say “The test was so hard”. We can say "She is so mean". "The teacher is so nice". "The dolls are so pretty". "The children are so good". But when we describe a noun (people or things), we have to use “such”. For example, we can say “He is such a good actor”. We can also say “That was such a hard exam”. "She is such a mean teacher". We can also use "such" with plural nouns. For example, we can say "They are such good children". "They are such obedient dogs".
March 8, 2010
so that focuses on a purpose. such that is used more to describe an outcome, this is not used very often "We did our home work so that we could get a good grade" "We did our homework such that we got a good grade"
March 8, 2010
is hard to explain. this one is well explained =)
March 8, 2010
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