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Robson Bkxwy
How the best way to learn German?
Mar 9, 2010 3:22 PM
Answers · 2
Here are some easy steps for learning German using Italki resources. 1. Click onto Knowledge at the left of the Italki page. 2.Click onto Learn German and then your own language. You will see the number of Wikis and Contributions on the right hand side. They indicate the number of resources such as vocab and grammar in your language created by Italki members. 3. If you are a beginner and unsure how to start, click onto Language Teachers on the left and browse through their prices. Email a teacher who can teach the language you wish to learn. 5.If you need language practice, click onto Language Partners at the left of this page and see if there is a native speaker you can email to set up a time to chat. Take into account the time difference between your 2 countries. 6. Click onto Groups at the left and look at the groups you want to join for learning your language. Join one that you like. 7. For instant online dictionary/ translations, or copy/paste your sentence needing translation into which has most languages. 8.Click onto Resources and Language Courses on the left of this page as well for more information..
March 9, 2010
Hello Robson, You can try the beginner to advanced German courses online : You can look for "German teachers" here on italki to help you learn the basics of the language ,then practice with "language partners" ,native German speakers to improve your language. You could also consider joining any German courses in a German language institute in your area (if available) ,then if possibly you could mingle with native Germans to hear and practice the language gradually. Listen to German music, watch German movies...etc as means to listen to German and acquire new vocabulary. I can help introducing you to the basics of the language ! Good luck:)
March 9, 2010
Robson Bkxwy
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