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sarah lee
What is ITC?
Mar 10, 2010 2:27 PM
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Hi, Sarah. If you are talking about ITC on italki, it means italki credits. 10 ITC equal to 1 USD. Members can use ITC to book for paid online sessions on italki. You can purchase ITC using your credit card, PayPal, Alipay(支付宝) , Webmoney account, ChinaUnionPay Card(银联卡).
March 12, 2010
Definitions of ITC on the Web: * Information Technology Channel (ITC) is a 24-hour Persian educational TV channel based out of California. ... * Independent Television Commission * A credit against income taxes, usually computed as a percent of the cost of investment in certain types of assets. * Information Technology & Communications: another way of referring to ICT * The abbreviation for International Typographic Corporation, that licenses many of the typefaces used in graphic design. ITC fonts are identical to the typefaces used on phototypesetting equipment and based on the original “hot type” font designs. ... * Investment Tax Credit * The International Trade Commission can help protect against unfair competition from abroad by issuing an exclusion order. ...
March 10, 2010
It could also mean this: International Trade Center (ITC) ITC enables small business export success in developing and transition countries by providing, with partners, sustainable and inclusive trade development ...
March 10, 2010
Hello Sarah, It refers to 'italki currency' IT = italki C = Currency 10 ITC = 1 US Dollar So if you charge 100 ITC for a lesson for example , it means you are charging 10 $.
March 10, 2010
sarah lee
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