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Justin Melnick
“衰哥”是什么意思? 我听说过别人说“帅哥”,没听过“衰哥”。这个是什么意思?
2010年3月11日 06:27
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The meaning of "衰哥"is not "帅哥”."衰" is similar to " 帅 "in pronunciation.But the meaning of "衰哥" is the opposite meaning of " 帅哥". This is a pun in the borrowing. when we are saying "这人太衰了“ we mean the guy is unkempt,dowdy,slovenly in apperance or especially " 衰" refer to his mess and abominable mettle/ temperament when someone is in bad luck. “衰人一个”is the very bad estimation to someone.If you are a 衰人,you cann't get a good girlfriend, you cann't get promoted, or even your friends will abandon you, etc. It's usually used to tease or ridicule or jeer at someone.
这应该是个比较新的网络词语,恐怕现在很难有一个标准答案 “衰哥”是从“帅哥”谐音衍生过来的,不过我觉得它是用来调侃倒霉的人的。
this phrase was created on the internet,so you don't fine it in offical dicionaries. "衰哥" means some guy everything is bad,not only appereance,but also his behavior. in additon,if you know the opposite "帅哥",you will know this phrase is deliberatly created from that same pronication.hehe
就是帅哥的意思 因为谐音的关系而衍生出来的网络新词,有点调侃的意味 也可以说成"衰锅"
怎麼那麼酷?一個普通的問題竟然帶出如此多的回覆。:) 個人認為,用上「衰哥」這樣的詞彙大致上是在說些反話或在調侃你吧(就如某些會員所說的)。 另外比較接近的例子,就如把自己的小孩名字改成「健仁」(男) 和「健珠」(女)。按字面來看,你看這是多麼漂亮的名字:男的既健康又帶有仁慈心、而女的則是『健』康的掌上明『珠』?可是若用國語來唸,幾乎可以保證讓人笑翻。 [補:若有某位會員名字的讀音也剛好如「健仁」或「健珠」,那非常抱歉,我只是隨便拿個例子;而不是存心說您壞話]
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