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Does "You tool" mean "You moron"? I couldn't hear the keyword had been said by his friend right before he said "You tool". But I've sensed his friend made a lame joke or said something stupid. It seems possible his friend tried to tease him. Could you please tell me what comes to your mind?@Cherry : Hmm... is it offensive? Thank you, Cherry. @Peachey : I've just looked 'tool' up in my dictionary. I didn't know it has that meaning...Ha! Hm...Sorry, but who's Elmer Fudd? O_o?? I'm going to check it up later. Thank ya! @stevenr868 : Aha - the keyword that I can't spell sounded a name of something or a specific place. Now I'm completely clear about it. Thank you! @Tony : Sounds like 꼭두각시, huh? Thank you for clearing that up :)
Mar 11, 2010 9:17 AM
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Yes it does mean that. Here's where it comes from: If you are 'using' someone, it means that you are manipulating them for you own purpose. You use tools (도구 .. like hammer, etc.), so someone who is easily used/manipulated is also a 'tool'. While this is where it derives from, nowadays the meaning has become a bit more general to mean anyone you look down upon as being un-intelligent, easily swayed (by popular trends), etc.
March 12, 2010
Usually when someone is described as a "tool" it is someone who thinks they are way cooler than they really are. This person usually tries to be very trendy as far as clothing and hairstyle. They can be manipulated and used by society, and can't think for themselves as if they are a "tool"
March 11, 2010
Yes, "tool" has a sexual connotation as well. Sometimes it's used as slang without intending to be offensive, but I wouldn't risk using it. I'd also think it means the person has the charm/intellect/wisdom/etc of a workman's tool. Also,the image does turn up in the older Warner Brothers cartoons... when a character (eg. Elmer Fudd) realises they've done something incredibly stupid, they fade into the image of a spanner or screwdriver. :)
March 11, 2010
Hello Hailey, It is an offensive term in American slang. It means you are an idiot, poser, stupid ,ignorant, incapable of anything or simply a jerk. You could also say 'moron' in this case.
March 11, 2010
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