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An ingrown toenail Hi All I know its literal meaning, but what does it mean if someone says it to describe him/herself? Self-introspective or self-harming or what? Please help. Thanks!Thank you, domasla, Peachey, Tony! :)
Mar 11, 2010 9:22 AM
Answers · 3
This is not normally used in the figurative sense. Most likely whoever used this was just being creative.. which is what language is for =) Domasla and Peachey's posts are probably close to what the original speaker meant; just wanted to add that this isn't a common expression you need to memorize.
March 12, 2010
I've never heard someone describe themselves using this expression, but I guess they would mean they're a pain only to themselves, as Domasla suggests.
March 11, 2010
A pain to yourself? An annoyance. But nothing spectacular.
March 11, 2010
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